Booking Tour Services

(Duration: 7h15 - 15h 30)

- Pick up at hotel
- You enjoy the scenery of Ba Na cable car system high in most modern in Southeast Asia.
- You visit Ba Na By Night, Tinh Tam Park, Linh Ung Pagoda, Sakyamuni Buddha radio, Vong Nguyet hill.
- Continue the journey, you will be involved in the game at the home of entertainment in the world's No. 3 Fantasy Park.
- Conquering high mountain peaks 1,487 meters above princess sea level.
- Have lunch at the restaurant Bana Hill.


Tạm biệt Bà Nà lên cáp treo xuống núi.Tham quan và mua sắm đặc sản Đà Nẵng trên hình trình trở về khách sạn.


(Duration: 7h15 – 15h30)


- Pick up at hotel
- You highway onto canoes depart Cham.
- Visit the MPA, residential, Bai Lang, who Cham Pa wells, two-story Pagoda, Tan Hiep Market.
- Guests participating coral and marine life.
- Lunch break at a restaurant


Goodbye Cham, transfer to Cano on the Cua Dai.Xe take you back to the hotel.

Cham lunch menu:​

1. Scallops grilled onion
2. sour fish soup
3. Foil Grilled Fish
4. White Rice
5. Cone Snail steamed / sauteed noodles
6. Omelet
7. Shrimp Simmered meat
8. Fried squid with sweet and sour
9. forest vegetables boiled / fried potatoes
10.Trang mouth

3. Consignment Car - HOI AN (Duration: 15h30 - 21h)


- Pick up at the hotel, visit the traditional village of Non Nuoc stone carving
- Conquering Nam Thien List Win - Marble
- Explore the beauty of the caves, visit the Linh Ung Pagoda, Tam Thai.
- Continue to depart for Hoi An


- Dinner at Hoi An (Hoi An specialties)
- Hundred of old town, admire colorful lanterns. Drop flower luck on the Huai River and enjoy Folk Bai Choi.
- Departure. Car and HDV take guests back to the hotel.